1:1 Readings to uncover your next step

Tarot Readings


Spirit Guidance  Channeled Healings

Electronically Delivered Readings via Email

All of these readings are done utilizing Oracle and/or Tarot. You can ask a question (I do NOT do fortune telling, romance readings, or read the energy or cards of someone other than you. Exception for any child under 18 who you are the guardian and/or parent.) Please input your question when booking and your question/intentions. 

One question or spread topic–

3 card spread for $33
5 card spread for $55
7 card spread for $77

Your reading will be delivered via email with a picture of the cards and a report of the meanings + any intuitive messages received. Readings are delivered within 5-7 business days of date of purchase. 

Individual Live Sessions (Meet on Zoom):

These are perfect for anyone wanting to ask questions and receive channeled guidance live face-to-face with me. As Spirit directs you may get up to 12 cards pulled (Tarot and/or Oracle), receive energy healing in the form of Reiki, and can ask questions on your Path. These are done LIVE and include any tools that Spirit asks to be used for your Highest Good. 

Upon booking please share what questions you would like to ask or any themes that are coming up that you would like to address. 

Note: I do not do mediumship work, fortune telling, or read the energy of other people with the exception of children who you are a guardian and/or parent who are under the age of 18. 

Soul Guidance Sessions $111 (55 minutes)

Reiki Healing Session with 3 cards pulled $88 (30 minutes)

Ideas for questions and/or themes for any reading or a soul guidance session:
Past, present, future
Mind, body, spirit
What I learned, what I am learning, what I’m unaware of that needs to be learned
The role I played, the role I am playing now, what energy I need to step into
General reading for your Highest Good (What do your angels want you to know now?)
7 card reading to check your chakra health (Must be booked as a 7 card spread or can be included with the Soul Guidance Session)
Embrace, accept, let go
The situation, the obstacle, the lesson
What has been weighing on you, how to face it, first step to take
You, Your Purpose, Your Potential Outcome
General past life gifts reading (Best booked with a Soul Guidance Reading) 

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