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The Luna Ashley Show 

Tune into The Luna Ashley Show for candid talks about how to infuse manifestation into your business, Reiki, the ins and outs of running a heart-centered business, and much more.

Money, Mindset, and Manifestation

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"I love this podcast. Luna truly speaks with love and gives tactile practices to achieve your goals with manifestation."

"I love this podcast! I’m always looking for positive, uplifting things to listen to. So glad I found you Luna Ashley!"

"Need to feel like you truly make shifts in people lives and not feel icky in your power? Listen to all of this."

Meet the Host


Known as “The Baddest Witch in Network Marketing” 

Went from $500 in her MLM business to $1,000,000 in 18 months

Former high school Spanish teacher turned 7-figure network marketer

The only person who teaches manifestation strategies within a network marketing business 


Reiki Master Teacher

Licensed Hypnotherapist 

Gemstone Collector

Chihuahua Lover

Devoted educator on ketones, ketosis, crystals, meditation, and manifestation

Has endured a life-long battle with epilepsy (since the age of nine)