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The Baddest Witch

I’ve been in the DM’s cold messaging, sending hey girl messages and doing all the ICKY-pushy-bro-sales tactics. It was like swimming upstream to build a profitable social selling business all the while burning-my-adrenals out, struggling to attract clients, and asking myself WHY my uplines tactics weren’t working for me. But I kept doing it—because that’s what we were taught—until I decided, what if the problem isn’t me, but these traditionally taught old-school tactics?
 I decided to drop the pushy sales tactics from Network Marketing circa 2012, stopped chasing after the wrong things and started magnetizing the life and business of my dreams. I’m here to teach you modern social selling strategies that have propelled me and the other NEW top industry earners from struggling in our side hustle to the freedom to focus on what matters most in life without the burn out.

From Teacher to

Six-Figure Social Selling Mentor

Are you desiring to re-align with how YOU desire to build a biz, so you can crush it in social sales with your integrity and adrenals in tact? I can help you get there in a way that works WITH how you desire to show up in the world.

In 18 months, I went from $500 to $1 Million in sales.

Let Me Help You Magnetize Your

Start learning how to manifest your the life and business of your wildest dreams.

Soul Clients

The Timeline

my journey so far

Bought our dream home in Connecticut, and officially have a multi-million dollar NWM organization. 


Mentored multiple team mates with my Manifestation Marketing Method to their goals whether that was driving paid for luxury vehicles, or earning enough to cover diapers and formula. 


Gave birth to my daughter. Nominated as company wide top recruiter & top in customer acquisition. 


Replaced my teacher income. Retired my husband. Earned the car bonus and driving a paid for Lexus.


Did not see success with my first NWM gig & began to burn out on the “hey girl” NWM cold-messaging structure. I decided to partner with a NEW company dedicated to disrupting the status quo of the industry AND that promoted bettering cognition + brain health. In 18 months I went from $500 to 1 million in sales—infusing manifestation practices into a modern network marketing structure. 


Reiki III attuned, expanded to teaching crystal courses and realizing I could make an extra income by taking my business online to reach more people. Decided to also pursue network marketing as an additional side income in the health and wellness space. 


Reiki II attuned, began teaching local reiki courses. 


After battling depression & being hospitalized for my mental health, I began to pursue mixing eastern and western medicine. I also began to explore how I could find a career outside of the classroom. 

I became Reiki attuned, began learning how energy healing + mindful eating + lowering inflammatory foods can heal the body. 

Gained seizure control over grand mal seizures. 


Candidate for brain surgery, having out of control seizures, doctors determined I was not a viable candidate and would have to learn to live with a body that was not functioning. 


The Proof Is in What


"I feel like I can breathe better & work through my goals with more clarity and focus!"

"I love the way you explained a starting point of feeling the energy. No one has said that so simple for me before!"

"Last night's training was a wake-up call. Crazy what tricks our minds can play on us - thank you!"


Retrain your brain to think differently about network marketing and everything you once knew about it

Infuse daily manifestation practices into your business

Set your network marketing business up for unlimited growth and success

Get your life and time back