Your Magic is Where Your Money Resides


Burning the candle at both ends just to reach that rank up? It only means one thing: you’re on your way to burnout (or already there).

Start learning how to manifest the business an life of your dreams without having to hustle-til-your-adrenals-burn-out-for-it. 

Manifest Your Best Life

manifest your Best Life

Over $1,000,000 in sales within 18 months

A vastly growing downline of more than 20,000 team members + customers. 

Unlocked freedom to escape the vicious cycle of hustle and burnout

Forget what you know about
 Traditional Selling Practices

Luna’s exclusive social selling framework has resulted in:

Why They Call Luna the

Baddest Witch

in Social selling

"Luna's manifestation class is everything I didn't know I needed"

"I've manifested two new clients for my new business that hasn't even officially opened yet!"

"I manifested a new business opportunity & a new financial path forward this week!"


Luna’s signature manifestation marketing system that has driven millions in sales and revenue

Manifestation practices that are designed to make your health, wealth, and life goals a reality

How to leverage masculine and feminine energies to build the business of your dreams

what you'll learn with 

Sales tactics that won’t make you feel icky, but will instead have customers coming to you

How to go from low energy to LIT UP by working smarter and not harder

Team growth strategies to help you organically build your downline and put together a rock-solid lineup of superstar influencers 

A Different Approach to Social Selling

You crave the freedom to clock in and out whenever you please so you can spend time with loved ones as much as you want, and focus on what matters most in life

Manifestation Marketing

is perfect for you if:

You want to create a business that feels good while not having to bite off more than you can chew

You want to start a network marketing business, but you need guidance on how to build it to last

You don’t quite align with “old-school” network marketing practices, and desire to learn a different approach to network marketing that will make you stand out from your competitors

You’re a former (or current) teacher who feels like you’re settling and you want more out of life

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